GOOD day!!

Its my nature to be grouchy, but I have to make a choice
to have a
great attitude no matter what comes my way!
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, kindess, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."
Galations 5:22

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I have had lots of people contact me about my post on anger, so I felt like I needed to keep this topic going.

We (humans) all deal with different magnitudes of anger, especially as a mommy, we have alot of unpredictable, uncontrollable scenarios that push our buttons. Its WHAT we do WITH our anger that becomes the problem.

I would say I am a recovering rageaholic. The word rageaholic is patterned after "alcoholic" and "workaholic" or similar names, and the condition is called "rageaholism" (as in "alcoholism").

The rageaholic is addicted to the expression of anger just like the alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. As with the alcoholic, all attempts of willpower to control the addiction have failed repeatedly.

Ive learned that my lack of willpower (yelling, cursing, throwing things, stomping around, etc.) only fuels my rage, just like an alcoholic taking a tiny drink.

The tools I mentioned before on this blog really DO help me. PLUS, I have lots of accountability. My sweet hubby keeps me accountable, by saying the word "MUSKRAT" when I start to lose willpower. Its a funny word we heard before and him saying it always gives me perspective. I also have a close girlfriend, who knows my anger struggles, and she checks in on me and keeps me accountable with not abusing my hubby with my rageaholism.

My poor family suffers the most from my past rageaholism. I honestly would say I'm no longer a rageaholic. But it has taken lots of prayer, work, accountability, and it can be easy to have another episode if I'm not careful.

My mom was a rageaholic, and her dad was too, its one of those generational curses I have vowed that will STOP with me! There are several places in the Bible that warns against anger. James 1:20 says "for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God". I desperately want to live a righteous life that will be passed on like golden treasures to my children and to their children.


Tim Glenn said...

I too am a rageaholic. I'm usually pretty good about controlling it...til football season comes around. For some reason, I just seem to take games way too personally. Being a Dallas Cowboys fan, my rage really showed up after Sunday's loss in the playoffs.
Thanks for the tips...and reminder that there are bigger things in the world.

A is for Angela said...

hi, Tressa!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I'm so glad to know you and look forward to reading more about you, too.