GOOD day!!

Its my nature to be grouchy, but I have to make a choice
to have a
great attitude no matter what comes my way!
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, kindess, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."
Galations 5:22

Monday, November 17, 2008


So, I've been tagged by my pal (that I miss greatly)

I am to post 7 weird or random facts about myself. Here goes!

1. I really don't need alot of sleep, I can get an average of about 6 hours asleep at night and be fine. Works out perfect as a mom of four!!
2. I use to live in a children's home called the Methodist Home. An experience I will never forget. Maybe I will blog about it someday.
3. I really wish I lived back in the 1800's. For some reason I just desire that life- the dress, the daily life, the simplicity.
4. If you gave me to opportunity to swim in a pool of chocolate or ranch, I'd choose ranch for sure.
5. I have four tattoos: one little ladybug, two butterflies, and one clover. I use to have my tongue and belly pierced- but those can get taken out- the tattoos stay forever.
6. I married my sweet hubby when I turned 18. We have been married 11 years now, that makes me how old? And yes, our oldest is almost 10. We started out life young- and started a family early. (But wouldn't take it back for anything!)
7.I do not have one full-blooded sibling. I have four half brothers, and three half sisters. I was raised with my two of my half brothers. I've never met in person the others- only over phone and internet.

Now, I must tag 7 people. I tag Kathy, Becca, Steph, Annabeth, Angela, Becky, and Charity.

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